Recurring payment in stripe with different price every month

by Pritesh Mahajan   Last Updated June 13, 2019 08:26 AM

I am using stripe payment gateway for recurring payment. Its working fine. Now i am using below process.

  1. User added card from website
  2. After that i will create card in stripe.
  3. Then create customer on stripe and associated this card to customer.
  4. Then subscribe a plan to customer. This plan is based on 30 days trail period then charge payment after 30 days from customer card.

In above case my payment is fixed like 500$.

My issue is :

My client want recurring payment but different price like 500$ fixed with 30 users but if my website customer will add extra 2 users from their account then payment will increase 20$ per user. According to example now there are 32 customers so from next month payment will 500$ + 60$ = 560$.

so when payment will deduct from account then 560$ will charge from stripe.

After next month if add extra 5 users then 560$ + 150$ = 710$

If remove 3 users from my website then next month stripe will charge 710$ - 90$ = 620$ like that...

Means recurring payment will be change every month.

So please help me what approach will be follow now.

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