Recalculate new contributor indicators when an account is merged

by Sonic the Bracketed Hedgehog   Last Updated June 12, 2019 15:24 PM

Recently, a situation happened where a completely new user posted a question, and as such, it got the new contributor indicator. That account was later merged into that of a very established user and moderator of the site. This caused a lot of confusion as a moderator was marked with the indicator.

This happened because the indicator is attached to the post, not the user; as the post met the criteria for adding the OwnerIsNewPoster internal mark that causes the indicator to show if the post is less than a week old (among other things), it showed the indicator.

Ideally, this situation would have been resolved if the indicator would be attached to the user and calculated on the fly as needed, rather than the current (IMO weird) way of attaching the mark to the post, but that seems too technically difficult. If we're insistent on keeping the current system, can we please recalculate the new contributor indicator on a user's posts upon their account being merged into another, to see if they would have met the criteria should the post have been made through the merge target account, and remove the indicator if it wouldn't have?

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