RADIUS Server won't authenticate user with MAC in "Verify Caller ID"

by Dawood Shah   Last Updated June 13, 2019 09:00 AM

I have a domain Controller with RADIUS server installed in. The problem I face is, Users can be authenticated if their "Dial-In" Verify Caller-ID is disabled

but as soon it is provided with MAC address, it can not be authenticated via Linksys E900 and E2500 while it can be authenticated with WRT1900ACS.

All the settings are absolutly correct and same for all three routers.

The RADIUS and Domain Controller are at (TEXT-DC), The User here is dawood.

The Client (E900) Address here is

The Log I recieve on the RADIUS server for MAC-bound User is as

"<Event><Timestamp data_type="4">06/13/2019 12:28:47.824</Timestamp> 
<Computer-Name data_type="1">TEXT-DC</Computer-Name><Event-Source 
data_type="1">IAS</Event-Source><Class data_type="1">311 1 
06/12/2019 13:35:02 106</Class><Fully-Qualifed-User-Name 
data_type="1">dc.text/TEXT Users/Engineering/Production/Syed Dawood</Fully- 
data_type="1">Secure Wireless Connections</Proxy-Policy-Name><Provider-Type 
data_type="0">5</Authentication-Type><NP-Policy-Name data_type="1">Secure 
Wireless Connections</NP-Policy-Name><Packet-Type data_type="0">3</Packet- 
<Reason-Code data_type="0">67</Reason-Code></Event>

AS stated in IAS Reason Code List The 67 Reason code is when

The user attempted to connect through either a phone number or calling station that does not match the Caller ID listed for the user account.

But how is it possible that WRT1900ACS can successfully make it login while Linksys E900 and E2500 can not?

Further If User is not MAC-bound (Without Caller ID) it can be authenticated via All three Routers.

The Solution Given Here too doesn't help Please Help!

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