Racket, Common Lisp: Suitability as a programming environment

by yaa   Last Updated May 15, 2019 12:05 PM

How good are Racket and Common Lisp (SBCL + Quicklisp) as programming environment ? How is the actual situation concerning:

  • The number and maturity of available libraries.
  • Do they have some fields where their libraries really excel ?
  • Do they have some fields where libraries are really lacking ?
  • How convenient is it to find and install new libraries (it's often a problem for other languages and Quicklisp seems to be a beta) ?
  • How active are those communities recently ?
  • How simple is it to test/debug a program ?
  • Do they offer good support to deploy the programs ?
  • Are they good for parallel programming ?
  • Do they have something you really like or hate that is not mentioned above ?

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