Project error in tkinter, can anyone help please

by felipi   Last Updated May 16, 2019 00:26 AM

enter image description hereI'm having this design error. In img 1, everything ok, jump to img 2, everything ok, but when I click logout to return to the login screen, I get this design error, excluding my imgs.

I did not try anything because I did not know what to do that way.

My way of manipulating windows is that way in login file:

def verificaSenha(self):
    with sqlite3.connect("banco.db") as db:
        cursor = db.cursor()
    find_user = ('SELECT * FROM users WHERE user = ? AND senha = ?')
    results = cursor.fetchall()
    if results:
        self.mensagem["text"] = "Logado"
        from user import Users
        janela2 = Tk()
        self.mensagem["text"] = "Login incorreto!"

In user file:

def logout(self):
    from app import loginUser
    janela = Tk()

I hope you can help me, please. Because I do not get any error.

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