Problems with English and Persian baseline alignment

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I have a document in English and Persian, and the Latin and Persian scripts don't quite line up along the baseline. I am using polyglossia, but xepersian didn't help me either.

In the MWE below, I have added fbox to help illustrate the problem. The periods (full stops) are somehow on the same baseline, but the Persian text is raised up a little bit. How can I bring the Persian text down to the same baseline as the English? Keep in mind I have a document full of both scripts (including tables), so the solution needs to work universally.


    \newfontfamily\englishfont{Linux Libertine O}
    \newfontfamily\farsifont[Script=Arabic]{Arial} % Times New Roman didn't make a difference


Sara has long hair. \textfarsi{سارا موی بلندی دارد.}

\fbox{Sara has long hair.} \fbox{\textfarsi{سارا موی بلندی دارد.}}
\fbox{Sara has long hair. \textfarsi{سارا موی بلندی دارد.}}


Output: enter image description here

Answers 1

The Amiri font gives better results:

enter image description here

Ralf Stubner
Ralf Stubner
August 13, 2019 16:36 PM

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