Problem with 3D printing my blender mesh [Inverted Print]

by AidenC   Last Updated August 14, 2019 03:15 AM

So, I have a mesh that I've made in blender 2.8. When I went to print it / send it to the slicing software, it showed up completely inverted. Inverted as in all the hollow spaces printed but nothing else. The following is the blender image (what it's supposed to look like) vs the slicer img (the inverted mesh). If anyone knows what this is happening / inverted it would be extremely helpful. This is for my school project which is due next week so I'm very rushed on time. Thank you!

(PS. I've checked all the problems that generally occur, even the ones that seemed unrelated but it still doesn't work. Normals are correct, it's a singular object, all modifiers have been applied, etc.) This is the blender file, I attempted to show most angles

This is what it looks like in the slicing software

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