Prevent duplicate flag to be marked as "aged away"

by Adam   Last Updated August 13, 2019 12:24 PM

I understand the use of the aged away flags for closing requests for old questions (since standards may have been changed etc.).

In I found that aged away is also used for ""Harassment, bigotry, or abuse" and "rude & abuse" flags after 4 day (not sure why, but I am okay with it).

However, I do not see why duplicate flags should be marked as aged away.

For example, I think Making navigation links highlight when relevant element passes underneath it, using JavaScript/JQuery? which is a less readable duplicate of Change Active Menu Item on Page Scroll?

Both questions are only 5 months apart. Marking posts as duplicate is not rewarded in any way, so it only happens by chance.

I think in this case its a clear duplicate, and a duplicate note on the first question would be very helpful. My duplicate flag was marked as aged away unfortunatly.

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