PHP Startup warnings when using Laravel

by Grosu Cosmin Ionut   Last Updated June 13, 2019 09:01 AM

Every time I run php artisan serve using bash, I get these PHP Warnings: Unable to load dynamic library 'oci8_12c' / 'pdo_oci', the specified module could not be found in Unknown on line 0. The thing is that outside laravel, I can connect and query Oracle databases just fine using both oci8_12c (verified using oci_connect(), oci_parse() and oci_execute() functions) and pdo_oci (I built an oracle db wrapper using pdo and it works just fine) extensions. Moreover, none of these php warnings are thrown when I launch apache (using xampp), I checked the errors.log and there are no problems. Is there anything else I can check? Do you have any idea why on earth I get these messages when I try to use artisan?

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