Page Rank: Is it okay for /general-content/ to also have all the content that is on /general-content/specific-content/?

by rpivovar   Last Updated August 02, 2018 18:04 PM

I'm building some pages with before-and-after photo galleries on them, and I'm trying to figure out the best site structure that would yield the highest ranked pages.

There is a page called /before-and-after/, which is an overview of all the before-and-after pages (there are maybe 15), containing links to all of these pages with short descriptions.

The more specific pages are structured like /before-and-after/houses/, /before-and-after/apartments/, etc. The /before-and-after/ general page contains links to these sub pages.

I would think that, if /before-and-after/ contained all the content for these specific pages that could be dynamically loaded in to the page (for instance, clicking on Houses would dynamically load in Houses content rather than loading the page /before-and-after/houses/), it would make before-and-after a more useful page with a longer visit time, and could help its ranking.

I could also somehow canonicalize the more specific pages like /before-and-after/houses/ so that they would not be hurt by the duplicate content. Or maybe I wouldn't even need more specific pages at that point.

What is the best approach here?

A) Put houses content only on /before-and-after/houses/ and not on /before-and-after/

B) Don't even have specific content pages, and instead put all content, including houses and apartments content on /before-and-after/

C) Have houses and apartments content on /before-and-after/ that can be dynamically/asynchronously loaded in, but also have more specific pages like /before-and-after/houses/ that are canonicalized for their topic

I'm guessing either one of these choices could work depending on the content, but I'm wondering if others have felt they've gotten better results doing this one way over another.

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