OneNote seems stuck with keychain. Can't log in

by Carles Alcolea   Last Updated April 16, 2019 02:12 AM

This is what happened: I upgraded my passwords on different services, including Microsoft's, which I only use it to work with OneNote. As expected, all apps with login changes asked me to re-login, no issues there.

Except with OneNote. I've been using OneNote in this MBP Sierra for a long time without any problem. It prompted me it couldn't sync with the cloud, understandably, and asked for the correct login info, so I did like I did with other apps. But here's what happens:

enter image description here

I enter my e-mail, click Next:

enter image description here

And that's all she wrote. I can't put in a password; it gets stuck there forever. I've tried reinstalling; reinstalling with a mac reboot in between; uninstall, update everything and install back... Always cleaning the plist's, cache's, etc. with CleanMyMac. No luck. It's the only office product I use. And it gets stuck whatever I write as the username.

I can log online fine. But OneNote in local is stuck.

I've talked to the "Office support team" on the chat, and then over the phone, to no avail. The phone assistant who was supposed to be the last resort could only tell me to sign out and in again, having missed that I'm not logged in. Well, they did give me a link to prior versions, same problem. So I'm thinking something's fishy with my mac.

I've observed weird behavior from the Console. At the beginning you could tell the thing was in a loop:

enter image description here

After reinstalling back the newest version again, I see this:

enter image description here

But then it goes back to the last capture with green arrows.

Reading "keychain" there made me think maybe OneNote has always stored the password there (I don't recall, honestly) and it has some meltdown because it's not a valid password anymore. So I opened the Keychain app and found one instance of "OneNote" with the password "M" (??). Weird. I deleted that entry... and it's still stuck the way you see it from the captures.

What can I do? Are there any caches or files I should do something with? It's still seemingly prompting the keychain...

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