Numerical IDs in urls optimized for SEO

by Hassan Baig   Last Updated May 11, 2019 08:04 AM

I'm a server-side developer dabbling in SEO practices for the first time. This question is about getting the url structure right for a web application I'm developing, goal being having some which is search-engine friendly (especially Google).


The web application I'm developing contains user generated "topics" in which said users can submit bite-sized text/image posts associated to the topic. It's kind of a cross between Reddit and Twitter.


Imagine a topic for the popular movie Avengers: Foogame on my site. Following are the candidates I have for a url pointing to this topic:

  1. (where 1 is topic ID to ensure the uri is unique)
  2. (where 1 is topic ID to ensure the uri is unique)
  3. (where 1 is topic ID to ensure the uri is unique)
  4. (where 1 is topic ID to ensure the uri is unique)

Notice all variations include a topic ID, which is irrelevant from a search perspective. Will it adversely affect the search-engine friendliness of the urls in question, or can it stay? Moreover, which of the above variations would be the most desirable from an SEO perspective? Or are they all suboptimal?

I would really appreciate getting guidance from industry experts regarding how to tackle this.

To me, it looks like 3 is the best candidate out of the lot. Why? Because I've consistently read that uri tokens (words) are weighted in order of writing, and 3 seems to take advantage of that the most.

I understand that url structure is but a small drop in the vast ocean of SEO, but I do want to get it right in any case.

Note: this is not a dup of another question regarding url structures and IDs, since that deals with something else entirely.

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