Need Help about SMD

by user233669   Last Updated October 09, 2019 17:25 PM

Help me identify the burnt out SMD located on M801 position in the attached photograph.

It belongs to a Philips Bodygroom BG2024/15 PCB.

I intended to replace the two rechargeable batteries but somehow it got burnt out when touching inverted polarity from new batteries. enter image description here

Tags : surface-mount

Answers 1

It seems like a diode. If you want to replace it be careful of the polarity (the part with the horizontal laser etched lines is the cathode) and the breakdown voltage. Also check if it is a classic PN junction or a Schottky diode (0.7V forward voltage vs 0.3 forward voltage)

October 09, 2019 17:00 PM

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