My Account navigation not displaying in other languages than EN

by Pr0metheus   Last Updated June 13, 2019 09:08 AM

Baseline ;

I'm working on a legady project where they used WPML + Woocommerce plugins. They have 5 languages. The default one is IT.

They made translations of My Account page and inserted the shortcode [woocommerce_my_account] which is working as intended.

They have no custom navigation.php so its falling back to the original file inside the plugin my-account folder.

I created 2 additional menu items with custom URLs - which work fine (they also display cool on the EN dashboard).

What I'm facing now is that the navigation is only displayed on the Engish site - no other. On the other languages I can still access everything but have to manualy click it through a dropdown - but no dashboard.

The translations of 'tabs' inside the navigation are done.

What I'm thinking about is ;

Woocommerce > Woocommerce Multilingual > Store URLs and translate all the endpoints?

Maybie any other ideas if anyone faced anything similar?

Cheers guys.

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