Multi module Maven project or separate repositories?

by Adrian Krebs   Last Updated January 20, 2019 12:05 PM

Consider the following architecture:

  • Application A
  • Application B
  • Commons-Util

A and B share a lot of functionality. That's why we plan to extract the shared code into a commons library.

I am aware of the advantages and disadvantages of multi modules vs. separate repositories. However, I'm not sure for what to go in this specific case.

  • A and B should be releaseable and deployable separately (+ separete repos)
  • A and B should always depend on the same Commons-Util library (+ multi module). Therefore, dependency management should be at a central place (+ multi module).
  • Team A and Team B should be independant (+ separate repos)
  • No other projects besides A and B are using Commons-Util (+ multi module)

What's the best solution in this case?

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