Multi-camera usage problems

by Artem Selivanov   Last Updated September 11, 2019 09:11 AM

A nowdays there are various smartphones which uses multiple cameras for take wide-angle and tele-photo shoots and original camera inclusive.

I'm using Galaxy S10+ for my photos and native camera app can shoot in this three cameras (there are two selfie cameras also, 5 cameras in total).

But I can't shoot Non-HDR photos on my device with these cameras, because HDR is alwyas turned on (even if checkbox use HDR is switched off). This is bug that can't be fixed a long time. Any feedback to Samsung gives no effect. I found solution only for main camera - using Pro mode, but in this mode I can't shoot on wide and tele lens (no such feature for this mode).

I tried to find any camera apps in Play.Store, but it gives no reslut (found Multi-camera, but application stops with error. Another app with icons of three samsung s10 cameras takes shoots only with main camera, etc).

Probably anybody knows the way how I can shoot photos on wide-angle/tele-photo lens? Maybe there are apps which I doesn't know?

Or there are API of multiple cameras and ready android camera-project and I wrote my own camera app with multiple cameras supprot?

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