Modify the effect of a card being played

by Zibelas   Last Updated August 16, 2019 11:13 AM

I'm trying to recreate a simple card game. Each played card has an action (draw extra cards, peek at draw stack, eliminate an opponent card, etc). Once played, it goes on a stack, and the card effect is executed in order.

Cards added by effects are added at the end of this stack as well, and executed once it is their turn.

Each player also has a different unique influence on exactly one type of cards that changes the effect (enhances it like draw 4 instead of 2 or taking cards instead of trashing them to graveyard).

So far a card has a simple interface with value, type and doAction. While I could on each card do a check if a player influence would take effect, this seems like a hard coded noodle salad and makes it difficult to add new cards or influences. And more than once influence can take effect on the same card (for example, one effect could be steal 2 instead of 1 and the second effect, you can steal only a certain type of card from a second influence instead of free choice)

I'm looking for a way to react on a method call (played card that gets executed) and change it accordingly. I'm investigating using delegates for this purpose.

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