Modified volume size on the EBS volume doesn’t reflect it’s new size, it still shows up original size

by Madhura Mhatre   Last Updated May 16, 2019 02:01 AM

I have currently modified AWS EBS volume (volume type is gp2). The original size of disk is 50G,I have increased to 100G. The system is CentOS 7

That disk has MySQL server installed and has ibdata files and the EBS volume does not have any partitions.

After modifying the disk size, lsblk shows the correct size:

xvdf    202:80   0  100G  0 disk /var

But df -h still shows originial size:

/dev/xvdf        50G  9.9G   37G  22% /var

Is there anything else I should run? I tried to reboot the EC2 instance but still no luck.

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