Might category noindex prevent indexing of other pages on Yandex?

by iwsnmw   Last Updated August 01, 2016 08:03 AM

On my website I put noindex on my category pages but not the pages under it. Even though two weeks passed, the only indexed page is my home page which is not under any category.

When I look at yandex webmasters, under indexing>statistics>excluded pages I see both www.example.com/category and www.example.com/category/. I wonder if www.example.com/category/ (slash at the end) means "I am not indexing any pages under it" and www.example.com/category means I am not indexing the category.

Answers 1

pages are indexed if:

  • they haven't noindex,
  • they have incoming links (internal and/or external),
  • incoming links to them aren't nofollow.
  • googlebot has uninterrupted url path from its entry point to page, which should be indexed, like: entry url links to url1 (no nofollow) -> url1 links to url2 (no nofollow) -> url2 links to url should be indexed (no nofollow) -> url, which should be indexed (<meta name="robots" content="index" />)
August 01, 2016 10:20 AM

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