Media plugin error Could not match any bundles to input:

by fkaufusi   Last Updated May 16, 2019 01:07 AM

I created my media plugin to use the core media in Drupal 8.4.9 My plugin is to allow user to embed a widget code which will display other areas on my website.

On WYSIWYG editor, I click the media embed button which popup the media browser for me to click on the "create embed" tab.

Once I entered my widget embed code in, and click the "place" button, I got an error said "Could not match any bundles to input: ***my widget code here***"

I've test the "Twitter" media plugin and its working fine.

I did compared my plugin code to Twitter plugin but still not working. I think is something related to media browser but I don't know.

Tags : 8 media

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