Meat Substitutes

by J Crosby   Last Updated July 10, 2019 16:17 PM

Allow me to set the stage! My wife has decided it is time to be healthier, and while I begrudge the fact that she is right, I agree. In doing so, we want to reduce the amount of meat (of all types) we consume and increase the consumption of fruits, veggies and other healthier stuff. Now, that said - she doesn't cook all that much and I grew up on meat and potatoes so I have been reading online about meat substitutes and what not, so that I don't have to change too much (because frankly I like meat...), The one site I have gleaned the most out of, in terms of ideas was here. And yes, the link is for people who are or who are planning to go vegan. I just found the variety of suggestions in one place a great jumping off point for this question/discussion.

Now all that said, does anyone have any insights or tricks for making this change. What spices, sauces, etc. would you recommend I add to my cupboard, or is there anything I should be aware that may not come up on several google searches?

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