Manual Sitemap or Yoast Sitemap

by AKASH PATHAK   Last Updated October 21, 2018 10:04 AM

I am in real confusion regarding sitemaps. I know what a sitemap is but the question here is:

  1. First option:
    1. Use a XML Sitemap generator create one
    2. Upload it to my public HTML directory in my GoDaddy hosting
    3. Upload it to Google Search Console
  2. Second option: Use Yoast to do it directly

Now I have tried the first method but I got 404 error when I clicked on sitemaps on my website. Under Yoast, it showed me that sitemap is working.

Can I download the sitemap that Yoast created upload it to public HTML directory?

Update - My Sitemap is changed from websitename/sitemap.xml to websitename/xmlsitemap.xml, how should I change it to correct format to avoid 404 not found error.

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