making a book cover by Asymptote

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The following code is a way I make a book cover by TikZ. Basically, I get 4 coordinates of the cover page (book), then we are free to draw inside ABCD with TikZ commands.

Can we do similar for Asymptote, that is, make this book cover by Asymptote? I have tried something, but it does not work as expected.

pair A=(current page.north west); 
pair B=(current page.north east);
pair C=(current page.south east);
pair D=(current page.south west);
pair E=(current;


PS: Well, the reasson I look for Asymptote way is: Even in 2D, Asymptote is somehow better than TikZ, for example, in drawing graph of Implicit function. I want to utilise excellent capability of Asymptote.

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\definecolor{denim}{rgb}{0.08, 0.38, 0.74}
\begin{tikzpicture}[overlay,remember picture]
(current page.north west) coordinate (A) 
(current page.north east) coordinate (B)
(current page.south east) coordinate (C)
(current page.south west) coordinate (D)
(current coordinate (E);
% Now you have book cover as the rectangle ABCD
% You are free to draw inside ABCD

\fill[denim] (A) rectangle (C);
\draw[white,line width=1.5mm] 

font=\bfseries\sffamily] at ([shift={(2.5,-3)}]A) 
and Control:\\
Method and\\
Volume 15};

font=\sffamily\bfseries] at ([shift={(2.5,4.5)}]E) 
{Almost Periodic\\ 
Solutions of \\
Equations in\\
Banach Spaces};

font=\sffamily\bfseries] at ([shift={(1,-5)}]E) 
{Y. Hino, T. Naito,\\ 
Nguyen Van Minh\\
and Jong Son Shin};

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