MacPro, APFS, Bootcamp Startup Disk

by jptros   Last Updated May 16, 2019 04:12 AM

Has anyone used brigadier to get a more recent Mac's bootcamp installer and extract whatever bits allow APFS volumes to show up in the startup disk selector in the bootcamp control panel under windows? If so what specifically did you have to do?


Have a late 2012 MacPro. It dual boots Mac OS X Mojave and Windows 10. In order to run Mojave the video card had to be upgraded. The Sapphire RX580 pulse is acknowledged by Apple as a working "metal" card and seemed to be popular so I went with it. The problem is it doesn't support boot screens. Not a huge issue until you want reboot from Windows back into Mac OS X on Mojave. Since Mojave automatically converts the install target to APFS there is no way to do it now short of zapping the PRAM or booting recovery and changing the startup disk that way. The lack of boot screens means no startup menu support when holding the option key.

I've done a lot of digging and I understand that newer Macs using bootcamp alongside APFS correctly show the OS X disk as a startup disk in the bootcamp control panel under windows. That is how I ended up with the question above- wondering if anyone has taken the time to figure out what drivers or what specific components in the bootcamp ESD for those macs changed and allowed APFS to work correctly with regards to the "Restart in OS X" bootcamp option under windows.

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