list environment on glossary definition doesn’t work

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I try to put an inparaenum environment on a glossary definition like this :

    description={Lorem ipsum dolor
      \item sit amet
      \item et adiqui

But it give me this output:


So, this is my AWE:


consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed non risus. Suspendisse%
      \item lectus tortor, dignissim sit amet, adipiscing nec, ultricies sed, dolor. Cras elementum u
      \item Aenean ut orci vel massa suscipit pulvinar. Nulla sollicitudin. Fusce varius.

\title{Lorem ipsum dolor}
\date{This day}


  Ut velit mauris, egestas sed, gravida nec, ornare ut, mi.
    \item Aenean ut orci vel massa suscipit pulvinar.
    \item Nulla sollicitudin.
    \item Fusce varius, ligula non tempus aliquam, nunc turpis ullamcorper nibh



I compile it with xelatex main.tex; makeglossaries main ; xelatex main.tex and I get the following result:


As you see, I you itemize environment out of glossary definition and it work correctly.

There is a way to force a correct output of inparaenum in glossary?

Edit: I find it isn’t only the case with inparaenum but the glossary definition general not work with list environment.

Answers 1

You didn't mention getting an error message, but for completeness after the glossary is created there's an error:

! LaTeX Error: Something's wrong--perhaps a missing \item.

The problem is that the index style isn't compatible with entries that contain list-based environments. The index style is analogous to the style typically used to display an index (via commands such as makeidx's \printindex) which does \let\item\@idxitem at the beginning of the scope. You need to switch to a style that's compatible with list-based environments. For example, changing the style from index to list produces:

Image of resulting list glossary

or using the tree style produces:

Image of resulting tree glossary

Nicola Talbot
Nicola Talbot
September 03, 2014 18:39 PM

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