latexdiff encoding issue

by Ultimate Trick   Last Updated September 11, 2019 10:23 AM

I got the exact same problem as described here and here:

  • umlauts are translated into strange characters; the output file does not compile
  • the output file is UCS2-Little-Endian encoded (according to Notepad++)
  • adding --encoding=utf8 or --encoding=utf-8-strict changes nothing; problems appear already if I add e.g. an "รค" to the document body of one of those example documents.
  • if I (1) replace all special characters in the input files with ASCII characters and (2) change the encoding of the output file to UTF8, it will compile.

I'm using MiKTeX with TeXstudio on a Windows 10 system.

Is there a now a known solution to this problem?

Tags : latexdiff

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