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As illustrated in the image, the output of the latex document is not complete. The editor is not showing any errors. Even on adding more contents or chapter the number of pages is not increasing then 42. the documentclass type is report.

\chapter{Results and Conclusion}
    \section{Future Scope}
    The current version developed is just the first version of Ingenium. There are further many upcoming versions. The features to expect in them are : \\
    \item Linter feature to remove unused code.
    \item Inbuilt support for additional objects (both physics and rendering)
    \item Skeletons provided for adding the same object multiple times even at runtime
    \item Support for importing assets
    \item Inbuilt support for web audio API
    \item JSZip
    \item And many moreā€¦ \\

Output of Code

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