laptop disconnects from power then reconnects on 18.04

by DPS   Last Updated October 10, 2019 01:02 AM

I am experiencing a new problem after finally getting Ubuntu 18.04 to install on my laptop (could NOT get another OS besides Windows on it), but that is for another question.

The problem is, at random times my laptop will act like it disconnects from the power adapter and the reconnects. I hear the notable "tick-tick when something is disconnected from Ubuntu, then I see that the power icon at the top of the screen doesn't show the lightning bolt any more. Then a few moments later, I hear the sound of something reconnecting, and then the lightning bolt is back in its place.

I do NOT under any circumstance want to promote Windows here, but I do want to point out (because it may be helpful) that this issue wasn't present in Window's 10 (go figure). I also want to point out that my hardware is VERY weird. here is the output of lshw: lshw-paste-via-privatebin

here is also a screenshot of all of the errors that show up in my logs:screenshot

I am only posting the error logs just in case someone notices that something in there is related to the issue that I am having. If I can provide more information, please tell me and I will edit my question ASAP! I would also like to note (just in case) that I was NOT able to get ANY other flavor of Ubuntu installed besides the vanilla version. The installer would keep crashing at about 30% creating partitions, but that is for another topic itself. I also have NOT done anything special to this system, just installed the OS and added my usual programs,that you can see on the side of the screenshot.

EDIT: I also just noticed these weird lines in dmesg

[10010.674277] acpi LNXPOWER:16: Turning OFF [10010.674344] acpi LNXPOWER:15: Turning OFF [10010.674409] acpi LNXPOWER:14: Turning OFF [10010.674473] acpi LNXPOWER:13: Turning OFF [10010.674538] acpi LNXPOWER:12: Turning OFF [10010.674603] acpi LNXPOWER:11: Turning OFF [10010.674666] acpi LNXPOWER:10: Turning OFF [10010.674730] acpi LNXPOWER:0f: Turning OFF [10010.674794] acpi LNXPOWER:0e: Turning OFF [10010.674857] acpi LNXPOWER:0d: Turning OFF [10010.674920] acpi LNXPOWER:0c: Turning OFF [10010.674984] acpi LNXPOWER:0b: Turning OFF [10010.675047] acpi LNXPOWER:0a: Turning OFF [10010.675110] acpi LNXPOWER:09: Turning OFF [10010.675172] acpi LNXPOWER:08: Turning OFF [10010.675236] acpi LNXPOWER:07: Turning OFF [10010.675298] acpi LNXPOWER:06: Turning OFF [10010.675362] acpi LNXPOWER:05: Turning OFF [10010.675425] acpi LNXPOWER:04: Turning OFF [10010.675488] acpi LNXPOWER:03: Turning OFF

Are they related to whats going on?

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