Jmeter distributed testing and centralised

by ch.E   Last Updated June 13, 2019 10:00 AM

Currently I have an application running on aws and I want to do some perfomance testing and functional testing. Using the Jmeter was the answer ! But while reading through Jmeter documentation and some blogs I found that Jmeter have multiple setup options and running mode. between those modes are distributed and local. So after some digging I knew that local load testing with Jmeter can only handle 100-300 users. Is that the only reason to run the distributed mode ? Also I tried to run some tests locally ( via my machine and I think I succeded the simulate the users) So to sum up my questions are:

Why distributed mode ? are there a risk in raising the number of users locally ?

Supposing I would use the distributed mode, should It be on the cloud ? the same cloud where my application machines are ?

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