Java Optional List and Cassandra - Passing Array to Optional List

by ananth reddy   Last Updated March 14, 2019 20:26 PM

I have a Java Repository class with a method to get the values from DB.

@Query("Select * from r_t_status where status IN (:status) ALLOW FILTERING")
public Optional<List<RTStatusEntity>> findAllByStatus(@Param("status") List<String> status);

I have written the following JUnit test case for the above method.

    public void testfindAllByStatus() {
        saveEntity();//mocking db entity
        Optional<List<RTEntity>> entity = rTStatusRepository
        assertEquals(1, entity.get().size());

private void saveEntity() {, TEST_TIME1, TEST_REQUESTID1,

Expected Behavior: Test case should return success. Actual Behavior: Test case fails and throws an assertion error.expected:<1> but was:<0> not sure why.

Is there anything wrong that I'm doing here for the test to fail?

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