Is using babylon.js/webgl/websockets as a mmo game engine practical?

by Abstract   Last Updated June 12, 2019 20:13 PM

I really like the idea of being able to create a 3D MMO that anyone can simply go to a website and begin playing. I think of it like Old School Runescape back in the day. I had interest in programming my own game and have been looking at game engines. I am striving to have tens of thousands of players one day in a big RPG using babylon.js. I know I can use Unity, however I feel very adamant on having a non app based game, running straight through the browser. Unity web exporter has seemed to have problems. I am not looking to make a game with expensive graphics, something along the lines of WoW, maybe a little better would be fine. Assuming I cut up the world to selectively load and manage entities responsibly, is using WebGL/WebSockets/Babylon.js plausible to create something at the level of complexity like WoW/Runescape?

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