Is this an appropriate smps design?

by Idrees   Last Updated May 16, 2019 05:25 AM

I am an engineering fresh graduate with an interest in pcb design. I have been learning KiCAD which is really fun and I enjoy it alot. A friend came to me with the reference circuit attached here and said he has this smps but needs a smaller design.

Reference Image for the supply

I have made the schematic of it. Its a 100-230VAC to 12V-10ADC power supply. Schematic prepared from the fer circuit I have a few concerns which are:

  1. Even though the schematic is complete,I want an expert opinion on it. Also it feels like its hard to read for someone how doesn't have the reference circuit. How can I improve on the schematic drawing?
  2. Although smps' are so so common, I could not find a proper documentation that help one in selecting the components to meet the required current and voltage measurements at the output. If someone can share a source or their precious knowledge, I would really appreciate.
  3. Apart from the component selection, I am curious about the theory behind the working of smps. Why high frequency is needed, how the required output is achieved through signal processing and other things.

Lastly is this design ready to start making pcb? Thanks a lot for your help..

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