Is there something like Wordpress' advanced custom fields plugin for magento 2

by Lynob   Last Updated June 13, 2019 11:09 AM

ACF is a WordPress plugin, there's a free and paid version, 1 time payment, which let you add any field in the backend and echo it in the front-end among many other things. The company I work for created their website purely using it.

For instance If I want to create a slideshow, I create a repeater field in the backend, add the images I want, and just echo it inside a bootstrap carousel in the frontend.

That means, I can do many things, without knowing how Wordpress' PHP work, nor how to register fields or plugins in the backend, nor how to query them in the frontend, I still have to query them, but most of the time using ACF way which is easy, I just copy paste, I only had to write Wordpress query once. ACF work with any theme or extension, it just makes Wordpress' PHP simpler.

Is there something like that for magento 2 which work with any theme and extension? For example my client wants to use multivendor from webkul, they have one for registration, someone else has one for checkout, another one has something for this and that.

Is there a plugin which works everywhere just like ACF? Something that makes working with Magento's PHP easier? Just create a field on the backend, echo it in the frontend?

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