Is there a way to have article page use a different template other than the one of its cateogry's?

by shenkwen   Last Updated May 12, 2019 05:10 AM

Lets say I already have a menu_item_A set as a "category blog" page of category myblog, and the template associated with it is templateA. When I go to this page and click one of the articles, if there is no menu item directly associated with this article, then the article content page will adopt its category blog page's template. Now if I creat another menu item menu_item_B, and set it as "category blog" of myblog too, but the template is now templateB. What template will the article page use? I test this on my website, no matter you click the article on pageA or pageB, the article content page will allways adopt templateA. My question is, how can you let the article content page use templateB without setting a single article menu item for that particular article?

I am aware of extensions like module anywhere. But I kind of want to solve it with native Joomla.

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