Is naming a module General confusing since I already have a Shared and a Core module?

by Mike   Last Updated October 10, 2019 20:05 PM

Per the Angular style guide, in my application I have a Shared module and a Core module. I also have 2 feature modules for 2 separate parts of my application. Suppose it's an Orders module and a Forum module. Now I'm wondering where should general purpose components go, things that are common to the application, like Account settings, header and footer (but which are not reusable components).

I don't think it should go in Core since having components in Core is discouraged, and it doesn't go in Shared either since it's not going to contain things that will be reused in other modules. So I have 2 options: Use the AppModule, which to my understanding is also discouraged or create a new module. What I don't like about having a General module is that it might be confusing since there's also a Shared and a Core and it's not necessarily obvious what needs to go where. Is there any better name for a general purpose module?

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