Is it possible to use all the I/O pins of the SAMD21G18A using the arduino IDE?

by Jake quin   Last Updated August 13, 2019 21:25 PM

Hello i am planning on making my own custom board, and i have chosen the micro controller of the new arduino boards, the SAMD21G18A. I like it because it has its own internal clock and can be wired directly to a usb port without any other converters.

Another reason for liking it is because from the datasheet it says:

• I/O – Up to 52 programmable I/O pins

Which i will be needing (36 pins to be exact), i did consider using the due's uController but the circuit looks really complicated. Now on the arduino nano IOT only uses a combined total of 21 I/O pins (analog and digital) out of 38 on the pinout of SAM21G18A

I do want to program still the SAM21G18A using the arduino IDE since it is what i have experienced with, and has all the libraries that i will need. Will i still be able to use the 17 unmapped pins ? if so, how will i address them, on that note how will i know which pin is D1 or A1.

also it says that i can run this uController at 98mhz, if i am able to run it at that speed, do i need to change somehthing in IDE for the delays to be accurate?

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