Is it possible to create a GUI to "wrap" an existing GUI on a software implemented with SQL?

by MatanyaP   Last Updated April 16, 2019 08:05 AM

I'm actually curious about this question in general about any GUI implemented on any language, but in reality, I need it for a specific bridge weighing software.

The thing is we have at work (a small local business) a non-commercial software for weighing trucks and issuing tickets, implemented with SQL, as said, and it's really BAD. A process that can be as short as 30 seconds or less, takes 2-3 minutes. Multiply it by 200-300 trucks a day and it gets really annoying.

So I was wondering if maybe I can create a new GUI with python or java (or even SQL if needed) that would serve as some sort of an adapter or wrapper, simplifying the process of issuing a ticket, but still trigger events in the old software, without touching the original code.

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