Indexing Trouble

by Clau   Last Updated July 09, 2019 17:04 PM

First of all, Hi to everyone! Few months ago I started a website, as online shop, selling products. At first, indexing was very slow and then it was like a small boost, but 90% of the indexed pages are categories pages and not product pages (checking through site:domain name). I followed every suggestion by google. The "noindex" tag, 404 errors, robots.txt, www. to non www, duplicate content. The wierd thing is that if I copy the direct link from a product page and then paste in google search field, the result is shown, also webmastertools tells me the same, that the page is indexed, with no errors, mobile friendly and so on...So, why behave like that? Why when I use the site:domain name, only category pages are shown and only few products, but when I search for the other products in webmastertools, it shows me that the pages are indexed? Customers can reach that page or what's going on?

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