In file URL double slash works but single doesn't

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My website contains a URL to PDF file as shown in HTML code below-

<p><a class="button" href="/sites/default/files/media/info.pdf" target="_blank">View Information Here</a></p>

After deploying it on a liver sever, I can see the following URL-

Recently, I re-uploaded the PDF to the sever using FTP. Please note that since I kept the file name same, the old PDF get replaced by new PDF. Now, I can see the new PDF using FTP.

Unfortunately, I am not able to see the changes in PDF. I am still seeing the old PDF.

Surprisingly, when I used the below URL, I can see the new PDF-

The above URL contains double slash character. Please note that I cleaned the cache of the website and even tried other newly installed browsers but the problem persists.

I want to see the new PDF. Any workaround, please?

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