Imported WRL not showing in render, initially also hidden in editor

by Bram   Last Updated May 15, 2019 23:15 PM

I have created a WRL file, that I Import into Blender with the X3D importer.

Some very strange things happen:

  1. The object does not show in the editor. But if I go to Edit Mode, it suddenly shows up, and if I go back to Object Mode it is still there.

  2. When I render the scene, I get a grey image, with no objects in it, even though there is a lamp and camera on the imported object.

I tried adding a new Material to it, with no improvement: nothing shows in the render.

Neither eevee nor cycles show anything.

What went wrong with this import? Why does it not show? The render status is enabled for the object, as can be seen in the list of objects on the right.

No errors from the importer on stdout.

The WRL is a Transform node with a single Shape, which is an IndexedFaceSet with colorPerVertex set to FALSE, and a color specified for each face. All faces are triangles.

Blender: V2.80 Beta

OS: Ubuntu

enter image description here

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