Import bitcoin core generated multisig public address to electrum multisig wallet for watch(2/3) and sign(1/3)

by Saim Neftci   Last Updated September 09, 2019 14:27 PM

I have 3 Machines, and I want to create (2/3)multisig wallet. Sign with other machines safely.

I have; xpub1, xpub2, xpub3 xpriv1, xpriv2, xpriv3

Machine-1: In electrum:
New/restore->Multisig Wallet->Use a master key->2/3->
Cosigner1: xpriv1, cosigner2: xpub2, cosigner3: xpub3,
for watching (2/3)multisig wallet and partially sign(1/3).

How to import machine-2 generated public addresses to Machine-1 for watch(2/3) and partially sign(1/3)?

The electrum wallet database is look like json formatted. Am I need manually enter there(json["addresses"->"receiving"]) or any other way to import a corresponded addresses

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