Identifying polygons that intersect with another layer using QGIS?

by Esme_   Last Updated April 16, 2019 07:22 AM

Using QGIS, I have two polygon layers, a vegetation layer and a treatment layer. I want to add a field to the attribute layer of the vegetation layer to indicate if any part of the polygon has been treated (overlaps with a treatment layer).

layer example

For the above example - I want an attribute table that ends up looking like

attribute table example

I do not want to intersect the two layers - I need to keep the full polygons in the vegetation layer, I just want to know if they've been treated. There are too many polygons to do this manually.

I have looked through the vector tools to try identify one that does this, this was not successful. I've tried to find a workflow via rasters instead of polygons, but cannot figure out what would be needed for this to work. I have searched online but not been able to find anything that answers this question, likely because I do not know what this is called so do not know what terms to search for.

The only solutions I have found are manual, but there are several hundred polygons so I would like to avoid that approach unless there is no other option.

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