Howto allow all IPv6 adresses in Plesk Firewall

by obencs   Last Updated June 13, 2019 09:00 AM

I tried to allow IPv6 adresses in my plesk Firewall for the Plesk administrative interface.
For example ::, although when I try to apply my changes I get an error saying Error: Invalid IP address or network.. Is there a way to "wildcard" IPv6 adresses in the Plesk Firewall? 2003:c9::/32 works like a charm but I want to setup the rule for all IPv6 adresses.

I've only worked with ufw before and what I did there was to add a rule, for example with ufw allow 80/tcp, list all my rules with ufw status numbered and than I deleted the IPv4 rule, so there was only the IPv6 rule left.

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