How was this new user able to post two questions less than 40 minutes apart?

by Sonic the Anonymous WizHog   Last Updated August 13, 2019 14:24 PM

New users who have less than 125 reputation are subject to a 40-minute time limit between asking questions, network-wide.

Today, however, this 1-rep user was able to post two questions within 8 minutes of each other, bypassing this rate limit: this one at 8:01:44, and this one at 8:09:43 today. (Both links are 10k-only.)

How was this user able to bypass the network-wide question asking rate limit? (I'd imagine one easy hack would be to exploit a race condition, but if that were the case, the two questions would be posted at exactly the same time, not 8 minutes later.)

This is not a duplicate of How was this user able to ask four spam questions so quickly?, as back when that was asked, the rate limit worked quite differently, and wasn't even enabled on some sites; today, according to the very first link, it is now enabled network-wide.

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