How to use term edit page instead of view page?

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On the terms list page, each term is linked to the view page (i.e. term/[tid]). As I don't have any details in the view page, I would like to link it to edit page. (.i.e term/[tid]/edit). How to alter this behavior?

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There are a few ways we could achieve this:

Option 1: Introduce a route subscriber in a custom module with below code:

    $route = $collection->get('entity.taxonomy_term.edit_form');
    $collection->add('entity.taxonomy_term.canonical', $route);

This code would replace the edit_form to the canonical route.

Note: Might need to update the local task to remove the view tab as it is confusing to see the edit form in the view tab (as below).

enter image description here

Option 2: Extend Drupal\taxonomy\Form\OverviewTerms form and overwrite buildForm method and use $term->toUrl('edit-form') as below:

      $form['terms'][$key]['term'] = [
        '#prefix' => !empty($indentation) ? $this->renderer->render($indentation) : '',
        '#type' => 'link',
        '#title' => $term->getName(),
        '#url' => $term->toUrl('edit-form'),

However, it might not be a good idea considering how complex buildForm method is and the effort to keep up with any core changes.

August 13, 2019 16:53 PM

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