How to test events, that was sent by inner transaction / delegate call?

by delete   Last Updated June 12, 2019 20:28 PM

Usually, using truffle I can check for events like this:

    let { logs } = await myContract.doSomethingImportant( xxx );

    // 1500 tokens are expected to get
    expectEvent.inLogs(logs, 'myImportantEvent', {
      arg1: 111,
      arg2: 'and so on'

However, logs contains only these events that was fired directly inside of the contract function withdrawVestedTokensByTimestamp:

function doSomethingImportant(uint256 x) public returns(uint256) {
    // ... do something else here ...

    emit myImportantEvent(x, amount);

    return amount;

However, if in this function a token transfer will happen or another function is called, which would fire events itself, they don't appear in the logs.

Running tests with truffle test --show-events will list all these ones, but how can I catch them inside truffle test?

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