How to take a screenshot with same width and height on Mac

by John   Last Updated June 13, 2019 10:12 AM

I know I can open the Screenshot tool by pressing cmd + shift + 4. I can drag the mouse around to specify the area I want to take a screenshot of, but I am wondering how I can keep the width and height ratio 1:1 when moving the mouse cursor (creating a quadrat/square instead of a rectangle).

In image editing software, the combination is usually to hold shift while dragging. On mac using the screenshot tool, this means to lock one of the axis depending on where you start your drag motion. It locks the width if you start dragging up or down, and locks the height if you start dragging left or right.

Pressing alt on the other hand makes the capture area grow in both direction.

holding either cmd or ctrl seems to do nothing.

I really hope there is a key combination to make the width and height scale the same, but I cannot figure out which key combination to use.

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