How to store parsley?

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Recently, I've bought a bunch of chinese parsley which I've used for garnishing and etc... However after storing it in the fridge for about 3-4 days most of the parsley had turned yellow and I have to throw them out. I was wondering does wrapping it with paper towels actually extends its life? Or rather, what is the best way to store chinese parsley?

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Chinese Parsley == Coriander [UK] == Cilantro [US]

It will store for up to a week if it started crispy-fresh & you put it in the salad chiller in a fridge. Paper rather than plastic will prevent it 'sweating' [which will make it turn yellow or just rot with remarkable alacrity] but it will then dry out instead, so your gain may not be great.

The best way to ensure its survival is either

  1. put it in a bowl of ice-cold water for an hour every day, then drain it thoroughly, pat dry & back in the fridge, or

  2. buy it growing rather than cut, keep the compost moist & the pot in good direct daylight.

It's not the most hardy of herbs [certainly not in my North London flat], so your gains may not be great. I can keep some supermarket potted herbs going indefinitely but coriander isn't one of them.

Note: if your supplier is a local market as opposed to a national chain supermarket then it may not arrive 'crispy-fresh'… though it may actually taste better… which is the conundrum where I live - buy too much & it won't last [but crisps up fabulously in cold water] from the local Turkish place, or just enough from the supermarket, but you can hardly smell it...

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