How to solve UX vs screen reader accessibility problem?

by Bluebug   Last Updated August 24, 2019 21:16 PM

I'm learning web-development and semantic html markup. Recently a tutorial suggested that because "Click here" or "Read more" anchor texts are not so descriptive to visually impaired users depending on screen readers, one should wrap the descriptive part of the text with anchor tags rather than the CTA.

For example, <a href="">Click here</a> to know more information about the trips. is not good according the tutorial and it should be Click here to know more <a href="">information about the trips</a>. This creates a certain problem where the visually able user will want to click on the Click here text but nothing will happen.

How to solve this problem UX-wise where both visually impaired and visually able person can access the page effortlessly?

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