How to shrink a listings box in two ways

by Anush   Last Updated August 13, 2019 20:23 PM

I am using listings to show some code:

    arc=0pt, outer arc=0pt,
    listing only, 
    listing style=mystyle,
\usetikzlibrary{arrows.meta, calc, matrix}
\lstset{basicstyle=\ttfamily, keywordstyle=\bfseries}
def peak_recursive(A):
    n = len(A)
    if n == 1:
        return 0
    if n == 2:
        return 0 if A[0]>=A[1] else 1
    if A[n//2]>=A[n//2 + 1] and A[n//2]>=A[n//2 - 1]:
        return n//2
    elif A[n//2 - 1]>=A[n//2]:
        return peak_recursive(A[0:n//2])
        return n//2+1+peak_recursive(A[n//2+1:])

I have two questions:

  • The text runs off the right hand side. How can I shrink the text slightly so that it does not to do that?
  • For a later slide I would like to shrink the whole box and place it in the top right of the slide so I can then talk about it without it taking up too much space. How can I do that?
Tags : beamer resize

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